Our Team

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Meet The Team

Tamar cares very much about the well-being of each person that comes through our doors. She provides a customized experience with the best intentions for health, combining grounding relaxation techniques with deep tissue work and stretching, integrating knowledge of anatomy with intuition. Her focus is meeting individual needs while helping create a treatment plan for long-term vitality. Tamar would love to work with you and highly recommends each of the practitioners here as well.

Caroline takes a holistic approach to her treatments utilizing an array of modalities including myofascial release, deep tissue, Reiki and neuromuscular work. She loves connecting the mind with the body and alleviating discomfort through client education and therapeutic techniques.

Nancy's safe, grounded and intuitive touch is informed by a comprehensive understanding of the physical body and incorporates various modalities including trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue work, yoga and Thai massage.

Sean's style is calming and slow, with flow as well as moments of stillness, using a range of pressure and techniques to provide a soothing experience. Adept at both a precise, technical reset of muscles and joints, and a relaxing, stress-reducing touch, even in the same massage.

Ginger is an intuitive body and energy worker. She is passionate about the mind-body connection for optimal health and wellness and uses a combination of relaxation and therapeutic techniques, including myofascial release, deep tissue, trigger point, cupping and more. Ginger brings a multi-faceted background to her work to really create a unique healing session for each client.

Rae is very experienced in therapeutic bodywork, ranging from delicate light massage to deep tissue and trigger point treatments based on each client's individual needs. Her sessions are a blend of relaxation and muscular therapy techniques, incorporating a range of pressure and intuitive style.

Casey enjoys helping clients regain range of motion with a variety of therapeutic modalities including pin and stretch and myofascial techniques. He can provide a relaxing session or a more targeted approach incorporating cupping as needed with pressure catered to each clients preferences.

Josh's style takes on a slower approach, working with the parasympathetic nervous system and allowing the body time to adjust to different pressures and techniques utilized throughout each session. Using primarily deep tissue and myofascial techniques, his style is more based on listening to the need of the body and each individual muscle to help aid in overall wellness by tailoring each session to individual client goals. Some areas of special focus consist of increasing range of motion, sciatic pain relief, increased flexibility and neck and shoulder discomfort.