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We offer a variety of massage therapy services including Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, couples massage, and aromatherapy. Depending on the service, these may be incorporated individually or in combination. There will be time to discuss your particular needs and to create a massage/bodywork plan that suits you. Click on each modality below to learn more about it.

Also known as Swedish Massage. This includes long, gliding strokes to relax your muscles while decreasing overall stress. It is the most well-known form of massage and helps your body remove toxins, deliver nutrients to tissues and cells more efficiently, and recover from strains and trauma more quickly. This style of work is performed in every massage session with light to firm pressure depending on your preference. $90/hour.

This would be more appropriately called "focused tissue massage." It is slow, focused work, targeting specific muscle groups that may be contributing to discomfort. This can be brought into your massage treatment as needed. It allows the practitioner to reach the deeper layers of musculature, but never by inflicting pain. There is effective pressure applied with your preferences in mind. When booking, select custom massage. $90/hour.

Sports massage is great for the active client. It is a combination of Swedish and deep tissue massage with added assisted and passive stretching of the arms, legs, and spine. The overall focus is on joint spacing and muscle lengthening for overall wellness. When booking, select custom massage. $90/hour.

Essential oils are powerful healing agents. Choose your combination of oils based on your body's emotional and physical needs. You may feel the necessity for a soothing, uplifting, rejuvenating,  awakening, or calming blend. The oils also work to detoxify the body, soften tired muscles, and create a sense of peace and well-being. Only the highest quality, therapeutic-grade oils are used. $95/hour.

This is a wonderfully soothing and relaxing form of massage. Traditional massage techniques are used while the practitioner cradles smooth, hot basalt lava stones in her palms. The stones may also be placed on specific points along your spine, and in the palms of your hands, or wherever needed. The heat helps your tight muscles to completely unwind and release. $100/hour.

Prenatal massage focuses on giving the mother-to-be the special attention she needs, which helps to nurture the new life that is growing within her. Massage is safe during all stages of pregnancy. It is very beneficial for both mom and baby, as massage helps deliver fresh oxygen and nutrients to all the tissues of the body while taking away toxins. We are trained in safe positioning and techniques for expecting moms. When booking, select Prenatal massage, and please mention in the notes how far along you are in your pregnancy. $90/hour.

Enjoy your bodywork session together! Perfect for a romantic occasion, or for friends or family to share in the experience in the same room. Two therapists and two massage tables side-by-side as you enjoy your customized therapeutic massage. $185/hour.

Client Testimonials
Before each session, they take the time to listen to my concerns and tailor the treatment accordingly. Her manner is peaceful and genuinely caring; I feel as if I am all that matters during those 60 minutes.



Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are. -Chinese Proverb